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Last Updated: May 2018 


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Privacy Notice for Californians

Last Updated: December 30, 2019

Terms and Conditions of Use

Last Updated: May 2018


Please read these Terms of Use (the “Agreement”) carefully before using the Site. This is a binding legal agreement.

Sms Messaging Terms of Use

Last Updated: June 18, 2020


Terms and conditions for the Dream Hotel Group SMS Services

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies Statement

Last Updated: May 2018


This Statement regarding Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies (this "Statement") describes the different types of Cookies and Other Technologies that may be used in connection with the websites we own or control (“Websites”), software applications we make available on or through mobile devices or computers (“Apps”), wireless/wi-fi connectivity that may be offered at our properties (“Wi-Fi Access”), and social media channels that we control (“Social Media Channels,” collectively with Websites, Wi-Fi Access and Apps, the “Sites”) that link to this Statement. This Statement also describes how you can manage Cookies and Other Technologies.