Celebrity Chefs, Exclusive Night Clubs and Health & Wellness Experiences

To maximize benefits within particular areas of our business, Dream Hotel Group has built strategic partnerships with locally relevant national and international affiliates. These select partners are incorporated into Dream Hotel Group properties based on successful track records and careful evaluation of future potential. Consisting of innovative industry leaders and highly acclaimed award-winners, each one plays a major role in generating revenue for our hotels. To learn more about partnership opportunities, contact us below.

Yo 1 Luxury Nature Cure Logo

Yo1 Luxury Nature Cure

YO1 Luxury Nature Cure is a health and wellness experience surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the Catskill Mountains. YO1 provides customized therapies combining the ancient Indian disciplines of Ayurveda and Yoga coupled with Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy to address health concerns, improve mobility, increase longevity, alleviate pain and promote weight loss in a holistic manner. YO1's wellness model incorporates these disciplines to address the root cause of your health issues and make permanent changes in your lifestyle. Following the completion of a three-, five- or ten-day wellness experience, guests will depart with an education on proper diet and nutrition along with a clear understanding of how to implement our program into a manageable daily routine.


Noah Tepperberg & Jason Strauss of Tao Group at Dream Hotels

TAO Group

Established by co-owners Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss, this team markets and promotes many of the world’s top-grossing nightlife and entertainment venues, including Marquee, Avenue and Lavo. In combination with Rich Wolf and Mark Packer’s TAO Group, they oversee Bodega Negra, PH-D Rooftop Lounge and The Beach at Dream Downtown in NY; The Rickey, Fishbowl and PH-D Terrace at Dream Midtown in NY; and TAO, Beauty & Essex, Avenue, Luchini Pizzeria & Bar and The Highlight Room at Dream Hollywood in LA, CA.


Portrait of Philippe Chow In a restaurant at Dreams Hotel

Philippe Chow

Since his humble beginnings as a teenage chef in Hong Kong restaurants, Executive Chef Philippe Chow has wowed thousands of diners and has cooked in many of the world’s most high-profile kitchens. In 2004, Chef Chow brought Philippe to the biggest culinary stage, NYC. It’s there that he established himself as a true pioneer and dining visionary. Chef Chow has created a dining experience coveted by the most talented restaurateurs. To have a restaurant that is equally praised for the quality of the food, the experience and the ability to stay hot, attracting Manhattan’s social elite and most sophisticated foodies, for nearly 15 years straight. With careful attention to detail, a commitment to bringing the flavors of his upbringing to the U.S., and a carefully crafted environment in which the “who’s who” of New York would feel at home, Chow was on his way to making culinary history. Philippe ushered in a new era for world-class chefs in Manhattan –one where substance drove notoriety.


portrait of Serge Becker in
Bodega Negra at Dream Downtown

Serge Becker

Widely acclaimed in the interior design segment, Serge Becker has been the face to the name behind many up-and-coming hotspots in New York City for years. For the Bodega Negra restaurant at Dream Downtown, he created a feast for the eyes worthy of the meals to be eaten there, with moodily-lit seating, antique tequila barrels, authentic memorabilia and a 10,000-penny chandelier.


Portrait of Todd English at The Dream Hotels

Todd English

One of the most decorated, respected, and charismatic chefs in the world, Todd English has enjoyed a staggering number of accolades during his career.  He has been recognized by several of the food industry’s most prestigious publications, established one of the best-known restaurant brands in the nation, published four critically acclaimed cookbooks, and was named one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People.”