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Dream Hotel Group is proud to be a leader in managed properties throughout the globe. Our hotels, proprietary brands, and food and beverage partners are often the topic of news stories in major print publication and digital media outlets, as well as with independent travel writers and bloggers. In addition, our press releases entice and educate the public about our newest initiatives. Regardless of format, our innovative approach to hotel management has earned us an exceptional reputation for connecting guests to their chosen destinations through modern hospitality design, premier service, and locally relevant dining options.

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<strong>CHEDDAR TV</strong>


Dream Hotel Group is Taking Its Business to Downtown Memphis

Dream Hotel Group partners with real estate group 18Main to bring its popular Dream Hotels brand to Downtown Memphis. This will be the second Dream Hotel location in Tennessee. Jay Stein, CEO of Dream Hotel Group, joins Cheddar to talk about its latest expansion and why Dream succeeds in the hospitality industry.



Lifestyle-Brand Veteran Dream Hotel Group to Expand Aggressively

It’s no secret that lifestyle brands cater to a particular type of traveler, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of money still to be made in the space. As lifestyle veterans, Dream Hotel Group could have a leg up over larger chains that have more capital to play with.

<strong>YAHOO! FINANCE</strong>


Dream Hotel CEO on Hospitality Business

We're just wrapping up the busy summer travel season. How's it going for the hospitality sector and what's on tap for the hotel industry the rest of this year? Jay Stein, CEO Dream Hotel Group joins The Final Round to discuss.

<strong>CNBC SQUAWK BOX</strong>


Dream Hotel CEO: Offering Travelers Lifestyle Brand Choices

Jay Stein, Dream Hotel Group CEO, discusses the introduction of technology into the hospitality space along with other amenities.

<strong>LODGING MAGAZINE</strong>


Dream Hotel Group CEO Jay Stein on Creating Stand-Out Lifestyle Hotels

Jay Stein, CEO of Dream Hotel Group, isn’t too worried about macroeconomic trends that could impact the hospitality industry. The lifestyle hotel company isn’t like other big names in hospitality, he says, in that Dream Hotel Group is hyper-focused on select markets and the niche hotels in its competitive set.

<strong>THE NEW YORK TIMES</strong>


Why Boutique Hotels Are So Big in Not-So-Big Cities

The high costs of large cities make it difficult for some hotel companies to make a profit on luxury rooms. So they have set their sights on smaller cities, like Durham, North Carolina.

<strong>USA TODAY</strong>


Living The Dream: Dream Hotels Creates Hip New Brand

What is a lifestyle brand to CEO Jay Stein? “It’s highly stylized; it’s about design, great food and beverage,” he says. “The hotel is a meeting place for the community.”

<strong>BLOOMBERG MARKETS AM</strong>


Dream  Hotel's Stein on Growing Brand: 18 Hotels In Pipeline

Jay Stein, CEO of Dream Hotel Group, on the lifestyle hospitality space and continued growth.

<strong>THE NEW YORK TIMES</strong>


Next for Dream: Boutique Hotels in Belize and Tulum

Jay Stein explains why the hotel group known for luxury properties in places like New York is expanding to smaller cities in the United States and beyond.

<strong>HOTELS MAGAZINE</strong>


Will DREAM come true?

Stein leads aggressive growth path for New York-based boutique player, suggesting the company will double in size within a few years.